“Any size or shape of hearth can be produced, all the hearths are individually produced for you from the type of material, thickness, size, shape, edge profile, radius corner, cut outs for vents…”

The most hard wearing stone is natural Granite, available in a vast array of colours to suit all decor. The granite is available in different surface finishes. Polished giving a mirror shine (middle sample of the picture). Honed giving a matt finish used regularly instead of Slate (top sample) and Antique a textured finish (bottom sample).

We also have a selection of natural Marble, Limestone and Travertine which are lighter and less patterned in their appearance to view in the showroom and stock yard.

Hearths, as with all our other products can be customized as required. The standard thickness of stone is 30mm, we do have a small selection of 20mm. Depending on your fire and flooring in the room the hearth can be built up to any height you need, example to the left.

You can choose your edge profile, from the standard chamfer to a detailed moulding, radius corners (to save a few bumps to the toes), holes for vents, position of the riser if required.

The finally when choosing the size of the hearth; Have you complied to building regulations? (your fire fitter/supplier will be able to help), Have given yourself enough space to put a coal bucket and log basket if needed and space to empty the ash pan?

Depending on the size of the hearth, don’t forget we have a large selection of off-cuts at a special rate and there may be a suitable piece for you. Feel free to call in and see us and have a look at the stones available.


“As with all our work we manufacture your fire surround to your exact specifications, we never make two identical fireplaces.”

In the showroom we have a selection of fire surrounds on display with drawings of previously manufactured surrounds for you to view and help to give you ideas.

Drawings of fireplaces.

The first stage is to find a few pictures of the style and detail that you would like on your fire surround. Bring these along with you to the showroom with some rough sizes and we can put the ideas together with you to create your bespoke fire surround.

Hand carved Hopton Wood Limestone.

There is a selection of different natural stones that can be used. The majority of customers choose a limestone or marble as these tend to be lighter in colour and less busy in the patterning of the stone than a granite.

Granite is also a suitable natural stone and may have the detail and character you are looking for to suit your decor. All of the stones are available to view in the showroom. Whatever stage you are at, still getting ideas or looking to finalize a few details call in and have a chat and look at the options available.

Every detail is designed by you and we can add profile details to the mantle shelf, head, jambs, corbels and feet just as you choose and examples of these are available to view in the showroom.

Derbyshire Fossil and Hopton Wood Fire surround

Marble corble

Marble corbel for fireplace.

Limestone fireplace.