Bergamo Limestone

Marble had been used in the home since Roman times. As time has progressed, tastes and styles have changed but Marble remains a favourite for vanity tops, showers, tiles, bath tops…

The advancement in technology allowing the production of Quartz Resin (a man-made Silica based material) has created a much more durable and practile solution compaired to natural marble.

Marble Shower Tray

Natural marble is one of the most beautiful stones in the world but it does have its disadvantages in our modern world. Due the chemical used in cosmetics, toothpaste and soaps etc. and the softness of natural marble, these everyday products if spilt and left on the marble will etch and eat away at the stone. Quartz Resin is manufactuered to look like natural marble but provides an material for the busy modern life.

There is something to suit everyone’s design and style. From small cloakroom vanity top or shelf to bath panels, shower wall cladding and even a shower tray all manufatured at our workshop in Middleton in the Derbyshire Dales.

On display in our showroom a selection stone to view as well as a range of  natural and porcelain tiles from Ca Pietra, Ionic Stone and Premier Stone.

The showroom is open for you to view a vast range of stones and design ideas and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

You never know there might even be something in the off-cut sections that will suit your project and save you 20% on material costs.