Granite Worktops

“Using only full sized slabs of 1st quality natural granite Lowe’s can create the bespoke worktops of your dreams.”

Why Granite? Granite is one of the most practical work surfaces available. Offering a durable, hygienic worktop that comes in handy if you like making bread or pastry as its a lovely cool surface to roll out onto.

Low Maintenance, there is very little care and maintenance required for premium quality granite worktops. Wipe down with soap and water, anti-bacterial spray or dilute solution of bleach if required. Every month or so you can give the polished granite a spray with a specialist polish if you so choose.

Colours & Patterns, Granite in its vast array of colours from black, white, blue, green, red… is also available in a range of different surface finishes. The majority of natural granite slabs are polished but you can also choose a honed or antique if preferred. Have a look at the Worktop Options to view how you can customise your dream kitchen.

On our stock yard we have a selection of 1st choice premium quality, full sized granite slabs (approx. 2mx3m) and numerous samples in the showroom. The colours we have are our main core range as there are just 1000’s to choose from and we are limited on space. Don’t panic if you can’t find the exact colour you are looking for in our showroom you are able to visit the wholesalers, just a short drive from our showroom and hand pick your slab.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time to ask a question or for advice.

Please Note; All materials supplied especially natural ones, are subject to variations in markings, texture and colour. We always ask that you come and view the full slab of your chosen material before work commences rather a small hand sample as the full colour, markings and texture can not be seen in a sample, photograph or emailed image.